Can HR Become Agile?

I have some very positive experiences using JIRA’s Agile platform to manage workflows within an HR team. This was the spontaneous idea of a team member, a “let’s try this for a month” kinda thing. It didn’t take long for it to become critical to the team’s ability to manage its heavy workload. In fact, a former member of the team commented after leaving the company that she found it difficult to work without it. For those who actually know something about Agile, you are probably thinking, why all the talk about improving workflows? That would be fair. In reality, our use of Agile was only half realized. In the linked article, a question is asked, is this Agile-lite type approach actually Agile? Well, no. But it does offer up a bunch of opportunity for HR; in a nutshell, this could be the gateway to HR nirvana. Because truly Agile organizations are obsessed with delivering value to customers and it provides an systematic approach to linking business and employee needs to HR work.

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