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Carter People is full service consultancy specializing in compliance, HR and talent acquisition skills development and coaching, corporate culture, global HR and job architecture.



Concerned about checking all the boxes. Let me complete a compliance audit for your Canadian and global locations

HR and talent ACQUISITION audits and training

Gain an edge with leading HR and talent practices that will set your business apart. I will conduct a in-depth audit on your talent cycle to identify opportunities for excellence.

High Performance Culture

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Despite culture being a top priority for company boards, many leaders report not spending the time required to manage and improve it. I take a pragmatic and topological approach to assessment, focusing on removing barriers to create a high performance culture.

Global HR

More and more companies are establishing an overseas presence. I can assist with your people challenges and make sure you are on firm ground

Job architecture and compensation

Companies need a sound, easy-to-use system for determining the value of jobs based on talent drivers, business needs, and market practices. Workforce planning and career paths need to be logical, transparent, budget-friendly, and support employees and strategic business needs.